Penny Buckles, President   

Dowlin Cody, Vice President 

Jeanette Jones, Secretary  

Kristen Hoffman, Treasurer

Members of the Board:
Dan Cody   Walton Cowart

Mike Boyd    Craig Barton 

Jeremy Barton    Jaxon Cox     

Jacob Boyd  Catie Jones

Flagler County Fair & Youth Show's 4-H and FFA Youth Livestock Show and Sale

and Youth Show'S 4-H and FFA Youth Livestock Show and Sale


Our 4H and FFA livestock exhibitions are more than just fun, they are educational too.   This event showcases the past, present, and future of Florida agriculture. They bring out the best in tomorrow's farmers with 4-H and FFA livestock competitions as well as a variety of other exhibits, displays, and demonstrations.   

The purpose of our fair is to produce an annual exposition for the benefit and development of the educational, agricultural, horticultural, livestock, charitable, historical, civic, cultural, scientific, and other resources of the geographical area the fair or exposition represents and serves. 

The Flagler County Fair and Youth Show is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization 
Chartered under the Florida Department of Agriculture and are required to meet the standards of Florida Statutes 616.

The Fair Board Reserves the right to make changes to schedule as deemed necessary.

The Fair Board